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We make the pledge process easy for your backers!

Addons & Upgrades

Let your backers select addons and upgrades from your project.

Mobile Friendly

Our platform was designed from the ground up for mobile devices, letting your backers purchase wherever is most convenient for them.


We make sure all sensitive user information is stored on secure third party servers, so you don't have to.


If users are charged shipping, we add on 50¢ to the shipping cost. Otherwise, we charge 50¢ per backer. That's it.

Also be aware that credit card companies charge a processing fee .

Are you looking for more fine print? Sorry to disappoint.

How it Works

  • Step 1

    Your project funds!

    Party! Months and years of planning come to fruition out and you suddenly have hundreds or even thousands of backers you need to get orders to.

  • Step 2

    Import backer information

    Retrieve your backer information from your crowd funding platform and import it into our system.

  • Step 3

    Configure Easy Pledge

    Use our intuitive admin interface to specify pledge levels, addons, and per country shipping costs.

  • Step 4

    Send out backer emails!

    Choose from our collection of email templates to send out personalized emails to your backers with a link to the Easy Pledge manager.

  • Step 5

    Users buy addons and upgrades.

    Using their personalized links, backers complete the pledge manager and pay money.

  • Step 6

    Export backer shipping information

    Now that your backers have finished pledging, you export their shipping information in an Excel spreadsheet which you can use yourself or give directly to your shipper.

Our Team

Scott Ashton

UX Designer & Programmer

Brooklynn Lundberg

Game Designer

Alex Hansen


We are Kickstarter creators ourselves and built Easy Pledge so we could have the simple, low cost alternative we wished existed.

Request Beta Access

We are still currently in beta but we want to work with you!